Our sites are ready to work.

In our globally competitive world, decisions are made quickly—especially when those decisions involve meeting the immediate demands of the market. A well-prepared site alleviates risks and costs for a company. Enter the Select Tennessee Certified Sites Program—the ideal solution for getting your operations up and running.

This program sets a consistent and rigorous standard that can rely on in making critical location decisions. These sites will give you a leg up on your competition and help you get to market faster and more inexpensively.

  • A Select Tennessee Certified Site…

    • has a minimum of 20 developable acres
    • has utilities on site or a formal extension plan in place
    • has a boundary survey and topographic maps completed
    • has documented environmental conditions and geotechnical analysis
    • has minimized risk factors for development
    • is certified by by Austin Consulting and Foote Consulting

Available low-risk sites for business expansion.