Jamie Stitt

Assistant Commissioner, Business and Workforce Development

Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development
312 Rosa L. Parks Ave., Nashville, TN 37243
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The success of your business starts with a suitable environment—like the one that you'll find in Tennessee.

You need easy access to resources and transportation routes; a pipeline of well-trained workers; room to grow; and zoning laws that make it easier to get ahead. That’s why Tennessee is an ideal setting for the chemicals industry.

Tennessee-based businesses enjoy favorable access to water, large acreage sites, efficient and easily accessible transportation routes, practical and business-friendly zoning regulations, a mild climate, a skilled and dedicated workforce and high concentration of raw materials.

Our healthy population of existing chemicals manufacturers requires a vast scope of skilled jobs that range from chemists to engineers and production workers. 420+ establishments operate within this industry sector, including Eastman Chemical Company, Kilgore Flares, Unilever PLC, Bayer, 3M Company, Valspar Corporation, FUJIFILM Hunt Chemicals, EI Dupont De Nemours, Teknor Apex, Jones Plastic & Engineering, GCP Technologies, Primex Colors, The Chemours Company, Henkel Company, BASF Corporation, Vi-Jon Inc., Schwan Cosmetics, Kyzen Corporation, Ampro Industries and Colortech Inc. These companies employ more than 16,000 Tennesseans, ranking us sixth in the nation in the Downstream Chemicals Industry.

We understand this demand, which is why we’re collaborating with private and public universities to create top tier educational programs. The result is customized training that works in conjunction with needs of existing companies. Together, we’ll continue to offer a challenging curriculum that ensures Tennesseans are on the forefront of building a stronger chemicals sector.

In 2022, Tennessee’s exports of chemicals totaled $6.6 billion.

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#1 in the Southeast for employment concentration in explosives manufacturing

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