Jamie Stitt

Assistant Commissioner, Business and Workforce Development

Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development
312 Rosa L. Parks Ave., Nashville, TN 37243
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Business Climate

Great brands deserve the great state of Tennessee.

We believe in high expectations, low debt and a pro-business regulatory environment. Tennessee is proud to be a right-to-work state with no personal income tax. Our state and local tax burdens are among the lowest in the country, and our state budget operates with a healthy surplus rather than a deficit.

In other words, you need to be in Tennessee.

In Tennessee, we make world-class cars, guns and guitars. We make batteries, refrigerators, savory snacks and legendary whiskey. While other states gave up on their manufacturing workforce a long time ago, we never stopped making products used all over the world.

Quality Craftsmanship

We have learned that “Made in Tennessee” means something special in the global business community. We’re recognized around the world for the high quality of our craftsmanship and the artisan strength of our workforce, the honest, hardworking people of Tennessee.

We believe so strongly in the strength of our workforce that we’re making groundbreaking investments in education to make that workforce even stronger. With a deep commitment to educational programs aligned with business needs—and the funding to back up that commitment—Tennessee knows how to make things that last.

We Build Brands

It’s no accident that some of the biggest and most respected brands in the world have chosen to call Tennessee home. Companies who come to Tennessee are not just looking for a place to do business—they’re looking for a home. That’s why we make the world’s best whiskeys, Duracell batteries, GE refrigerators and La-Z-Boy recliners.It’s why we make the M&Ms to put on top of our kids’ ice cream sundaes.

Our reputation for the quality of our work and the quality of the Tennessee lifestyle means we make cars for Nissan, General Motors and Volkswagen and car parts for Bridgestone, Hankook and Denso Manufacturing. It’s why we make guns for Barrett and Beretta USA, and appliances for Whirlpool. It’s why the U.S. defense industry comes to us. It’s why the big brands call on us—and why they stay.

Fiscal Responsibility

Companies, investors, shareholders and executives choose Tennessee for our sound fiscal management and significant new investments in our economic ecosystem. Tennessee’s budgetary discipline has allowed us to make meaningful investments in public education, workforce development and our international business reach.

Reasons to select Tennessee’s business-friendly environment:

  • No personal income tax on wages and salaries.
  • A right-to-work state.
  • A long history of fiscal responsibility that crosses party lines.
  • 2nd lowest state debt per capita in the country
  • Lowest in the U.S. for state and local taxes paid per capita, per The Tax Foundation.
  • Triple A rate by all major rating services.
  • Successful overhaul of our tort and workers compensation laws.
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Lowest state and local taxes paid per capita – Tax Foundation

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Top State for Business – CNBC, 2023

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Bond rating by Moody’s, S&P and Fitch

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Personal income tax

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State with low union participation

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Monogram Refrigerators

State Credit Ratings

The general obligation bonds of the state are currently rated as follows:

Standard & Poor'sAAA

Source: Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury

Commercial Paper

The commercial paper of the state is currently rated as follows:

Standard & Poor'sA-1+

Source: Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury

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