Jamie Stitt

Assistant Commissioner, Business and Workforce Development

Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development
312 Rosa L. Parks Ave., Nashville, TN 37243
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Our Team

Our knowledgeable and dedicated team is one of the reasons that, every day, more and more businesses select Tennessee to relocate or expand their facilities.

Executive Leadership Team

Stuart C. McWhorter


Allen Borden

Deputy Commissioner of Business, Community and Rural Development

Paula Davis

Deputy Commissioner of Operations and Administration

Lyndi Berrones

Assistant Commissioner of Strategic Initiatives

Brooxie Carlton

Assistant Commissioner of Community and Rural Development

Jessica L. Johnson

Assistant Commissioner of Administration and Operations

Sharon Kolb

Assistant Commissioner and General Counsel

Jamie Stitt

Assistant Commissioner, Business and Workforce Development

Jennings Ragan

Advisor to the Commissioner & Scheduler

Yolanda Mitchell

Executive Administrative Assistant

Legislative Affairs

Braden Stover

Chief Policy Officer

Business Development Staff

Edward W. B. Burch

Director of Business Development

Callie Cook

Global Director of Research & Development Initiatives

Stephen Crook

Director of Business Development

Dana Ferguson

Director of Business Development

Jennifer Birdwell

Project Specialist

Sydney Forrest

Business Development Specialist

Debbie Clabo

Director of Tax

Kayla Hampton

Tax Information Analyst

Charita Allen

Director of Workforce Development

Jennie McCabe

Workforce Development Consultant

Jimmy West

Capital Projects Senior Advisor

Regional Business Consultants

Tracey Exum

Southwest Tennessee Regional Director

John Hatfield

Southern Middle Tennessee Regional Director

Janna Hellums

Northwest Tennessee Regional Director

Gary Human

East Tennessee Regional Director

Erin Hutchens

Northern Middle Tennessee Regional Director

Angela Regitko

Upper Cumberland Regional Director

Blake Swaggart

Greater Memphis Regional Director

Lynn Tully

Northeast Tennessee Regional Director

Sam Wills

Southeast Tennessee Regional Director

Crystal Bryant

Business Development Consultant, East Tennessee

Kalee Harryman

Business Development Consultant, Northern Middle Tennessee

Anissa Ingram

Business Development Consultant, Southeast Tennessee

Tessa Kyle

Business Development Consultant, Northwest Tennessee

Greg Lowe

Business Development Consultant, Southern Middle Tennessee

Jill Osborne

Business Development Consultant, Upper Cumberland

Michelle Scarbrough

Business Development Consultant, East Tennessee

Scottie Tudor

Business Development Consultant, Northern Middle Tennessee

Allison Dover

Business Development Consultant, Northeast Tennessee

Hannah Young

Business Development Consultant, Southeast Tennessee

Alex Wilson

Business Development Consultant, Greater Memphis


Karel Abboud

Global Director of FDI and Business Development

Steffen Bayer

Director of Business Development, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg

Adam Breeze

Director of Business Development, United Kingdom and Ireland

Virginia Crowley

Director of Business Development, Italy and Spain

Yumi Mitamura

Director of Business Development, Japan

Hee-jung Shin

Director of Business Development, Korea

Center for Economic Research in Tennessee (CERT)

Cassie Stinson

Director of Research

Laura Baker

Research Manager

Jackson Broadwell

Data and Research Specialist

Luke Fulton

Data and Research Specialist

Travis Rollins

Data and Research Specialist

Jeremy Stiles

Research Manager

Marketing and Communications

Lindsey Tipton

Director of Communications

Victoria Trusty

Director of Marketing

Levi Gibson

Multimedia Production Lead

Chris O’Brien

Public Information Officer

Baylee Vrtiska

Digital Content Specialist

William Sealy

Web Administrator

Community and Rural Development

Rachel Powers Selbe

Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Rural Development

Kent Archer

Director of Community Infrastructure

Taylre Beaty

Broadband Program Director

Alaire Brown

Director of Operations

Taylor Collins

Broadband Grants Administrator

Tracey Davis

Grants Coordinator

Codi Drake

Digital Opportunity Coordinator

Allison Fox

Grants Analyst

Lindsay Gainous

Project Coordinator

JD Lawrence

Broadband Assistant Director

Kirby Lewis-Gill

Director of Site Development

Emily Hale

Broadband Grants Manager

Sarah Elizabeth McLeod

CDBG Grants Coordinator

Leah Mims

Broadband Grants Coordinator

Matt Nord

Fund Tennessee Project Manager

Kim Parks

Tennessee Main Street Director

Lee Peterson

Grants Analyst

Lamont Price

Innovation Director

Wisty Pender

BERO Director

Jody Sliger

Community Development Director

Donovan Spann

Broadband Infrastructure Coordinator

Lynn Tutor

Assistant Director, CDBG

Jill White

ARC Program Director


Summer Carr

Assistant General Counsel

Brice Rochelle

Assistant General Counsel

Claudia Lewis

Associate Counsel

Ashley Cannon

Contract Coordinator

Alex Humphreys

ED Grants Program Manager

Tavian Robey

Legal Liaison

Administrative Services

Stephanie Burnette

ECD Budget and Finance Administrator

Tiffany Crawford

ECD Budget and Finance Administrator

Allyson Crystal

ECD Budget & Finance Administrator

Angel Giles

ECD Project Coordinator/Office & Resource Manager

Leslie Hathaway

Human Resources Director

Brittney Holt

Office and Resource Manager

Kathy Jenkins

Records Officer

Julia Blair Jones

Auditor 3

Meseid Mikheil


Jasmine Miller


John Morton

Auditor 4

Teresa Trimble

Accounting Technician


Amy Kosanovic

FastTrack Program Director

Joseph Patrick

ECD Program Coordinator

Chastity Elliott

FastTrack Project Manager

Janet Plumlee

FastTrack Training Manager

Tennessee Entertainment Commission (TEC)

Bob Raines

Executive Director

Jimmy Wheeler

Director of Business Development, Music Office

Gisela Moore

Project Manager, Film Office

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