The Annual Site Selectors Guild Conference was held in Nashville this week and attended by world’s top site selection consultants. This is the first time that Tennessee has had the honor of hosting the event. The two-day conference brought together practicing professionals from a local, regional, state or national economic development organization from all over the globe as well as site selection consultants.

The Site Selectors Guild was founded in 2010 and is the only association of the world’s leading professional site selection consultants. The Guild is steadfast in advancing the profession of international corporate site selection and promotes integrity, objectivity and professional development. Guild membership is known as the highest standard in the site selection industry.

The annual Site Selectors Guild Conference has been held many places throughout the years but it chose Nashville this year for the first time. The conference was held this week from Wednesday, February 24 – Friday, February 26 at the Omni Hotel in downtown Nashville and brought together economic developers from around the world to learn more about best practices in site selection. Other topics included infrastructure, workforce and the state of site selection. It was estimated that 400 people were in attendance during the conference.

The conference kicked off with a welcome reception at the Country Hall of Fame on Wednesday night. On Thursday morning, Gov. Haslam opened the conference welcoming all the attendees to Nashville. The conference consisted of different sessions and panels. The sessions and panels focused on many different things including: the state of site selection, incentives, workforce and talent, and sites and facilities. There was also a keynote presentation by Brian Pallasch, Managing Director, Government Relations and Infrastructure Initiatives at American Society of Civil Engineers Infrastructure Panel. Along with being informative, the conference has fun activities including a session called Geopardy, which is a panel of geography trivia. The conference also held its annual talent show at the end of the conference at the Country Music Hall of Fame.

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