Tennessee is known for its whiskey, bustling music scene and beautiful scenery but did you know it is also known for being one of the most haunted states? Tennessee is home to some of the most haunted places in the country. In the spirit of Halloween, take a look at all of the places that make Tennessee a terrifying state.

Tennessee State Prison – Nashville, TN

A former correctional facility located near downtown Nashville, the prison is a well-known for being featured in The Green Mile and two Eric Church music videos.  The prison was built in 1889 and was operational for almost 100 years. If you look closely, it is rumored there may be an inmate or two still walking the facility.

Bell Witch Cave – Adams, TN

Rumored to have started by a land dispute, Kate Batts promised to haunt neighbor John Bell.  There are many who believe she did just that.  John Bell died of a mysterious illness and legend says Kate Batts haunted his descendants for years before retreating to the Bell Witch Cave.

The Delta Queen– Chattanooga, TN

A converted riverboat, the hotel now allows visitors a place to stay alongside some elder guests.  Legend says Mrs. Mary B. Greene may disapprove of your choice to go to the hotel bar.  Stairways to nowhere, spooky hallways and unexpected guests are all part of the Delta Queen’s charm.

Orpheum Theater – Memphis, TN

A setting for a heartwarming ghost story.  It is said guests to the theater may get the chance to meet young Mary who will greet them and watch sound check from her favorite seat in the balcony.

Hurricane Mills – Hurricane Mills, TN

The home of Loretta Lynn, located just west of Nashville, has a spooky backstory. The property is rumored to be littered with Civil War soldiers who were buried on the property. Loretta herself acknowledges bizarre things have happened during her time living in the home. As interest peaked, she even allowed some to tour to have their own experience with the soldiers at Hurricane Mills.

Shiloh National Military Park – Shiloh, TN

The site of the battle of Shiloh.  The battle was among the worst of the entire Civil War. In fact, at the time, the 23,000 casualties made it the bloodiest battle in American history. If you listen really closely, you may still be able to hear the faint muskets and drums in the distance.

Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary – Petros, TN

Opened in 1896, the prison was operational for over 100 years, not closing until 2009.  Most famous for an escape attempt in 1977 by James Earl Ray that was initially successful.  Ray and six others were captured less than 3 days later in the 8 miles that surround the grounds. The prison remains an eerie destination for paranormal thrill seekers.

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