Dot Foods is one of the hundreds and hundreds of companies who do something that most of us take for granted or never even think about. Dot Foods is the reason why we can spend five minutes in front of a vending machine contemplating two dozen options for the perfect afternoon snack. They’re also the reason why we can shop at fully stocked grocery and convenience stores around the country.

As the nation’s first and largest food redistributor, Dot Foods carries 109,000 products from 650 food industry manufacturers to distributors in all 50 states and over 25 countries every week. The family-owned and operated company operates nine distribution centers around the country, including one in Dyersburg.

When Dot Foods decided to locate in Tennessee, they didn’t just choose any site. They choose a Select Tennessee Certified Site.

Tim Loyd, Dot Foods General Manager in Dyersburg, explains it this way, “Dyersburg is the fourth different location we’ve opened in the last ten years. Once we make a final decision on the specific community, we have to get things rolling quickly. A site that is ready for development is a crucial element in our decision.” 

This is exactly what the Certified Sites program is designed to do, help companies get from start to finish with minimal risk in a timely fashion.

“Tennessee’s site certification process is unique, because it’s not just a rubber stamp. Our communities go through a vigorous process to get to this point,” TNECD Site Development Director Leanne Cox said. “Companies interested in locating or expanding on one of these sites can feel confident that a lot of work has already been done on the front end by a group of committed leaders backed by a community that is serious about attracting new investment.”

The Select Tennessee Certified Sites program launched in 2012 with the goal of helping Tennessee communities prepare available sites for investment and expansion. The program ensures sites meet specific standards, and through a partnership with Austin Consulting, go through a vigorous vetting process before earning this designation.

Dot Foods announced they would build a new facility in Dyersburg in August 2013 and broke ground three months later in November. Sticking to their timeline, the company was ready to occupy their brand new building in December 2014 and began moving product in January 2015.

The Dyersburg Dot Foods currently employs 167 full and part-time positions, including office personnel, truck drivers and warehouse personnel.

“We are very pleased with our decision to locate in Tennessee,” Loyd said. “We love the people in Tennessee. We have been impressed with all of the people we have worked with since coming here, from the local citizens and community leaders in Dyersburg, to the state. We couldn’t be happier.”

There are now 37 Select Tennessee Certified Sites available in 25 different counties across the state. To learn more about the program, visit

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