Everyone knows Nashville as “Music City.” That famous moniker undoubtedly conjures up the sounds of country music or maybe even gospel, bluegrass, classical or rock for which the city is renowned. But did you know those sounds also include the four-part a capella harmonies of barbershop music?

The international headquarters of The Barbershop Harmony Society are located in downtown Nashville just steps away from the city’s most famous musical venues. Relocating from Kenosha, Wisconsin in 2007, the organization chose Nashville as part of a strategic plan to gain direct access to the city’s legendary music industry and its strong pool of educated professional staff. 

“We were fortunate to secure prime real estate in the former McQuiddy Printing facility on Seventh Avenue, and it has proven to be a wonderful destination for our 23,000 members and 80,000 barbershop singers worldwide,” explained Brian Lynch of The Barbershop Harmony Society.  “Barbershoppers, high school and college choirs touring Nashville love to stop by to sing and share music with us.”

Founded by Owen C. Cash in 1938, The Barbershop Harmony Society is the first of its kind to promote and preserve barbershop music as an art form, bringing men together in harmony and fellowship through singing. The organization quickly grew from its humble beginnings and now includes 800 chapters across the U.S. and Canada. 

“This is the best time to barbershop in the last 25 years,” Lynch declared. “The enthusiasm of the organization and the drive and sense of mission we have is just unlike anything I’ve ever seen.”

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