Tennessee is home to many well-known food and agribusiness companies including Little Debbie, Hershey’s, Mars, Inc. and of course, General Mills. General Mills is one of the world’s leading food companies, operating in more than 100 countries and Tennessee is lucky enough to be a location for one of the many General Mills facilities. 

The Tennessee General Mills facility is located in Murfreesboro. The current Murfreesboro facility produces Yoplait Yogurt and every General Mills Toaster Strudel baked in the nation, with plans to expand its current operations. This expansion represents a $253 million investment to the existing plant and will create 117 new jobs. With this expansion, the plant will take on part of the Pillsbury line as well as become the largest Yoplait plant in the nation. Now, that is impressive!

General Mills, along with all of Tennessee’s other great food brands and companies, helps contribute to our impressive statistics for the Food and Agribusiness sector here in Tennessee.

  • Tennessee ranks No. 1 in the southeast and No. 7 in the nation for total industry employment

  • 36,700 Tennesseans are employed in food and beverage manufacturing.

  • There are 1,100 registered processing manufacturers and warehouses in Tennessee.

 So then next time you unwrap or open your breakfast, remember it’s made right here in Tennessee!

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