After nearly a decade of development, the Memphis Regional Megasite is ready to be debuted to companies around the world.

Centrally located in West Tennessee on 6.5 square miles of land, the Memphis Regional Megasite is the most eligible site in the country for large-scale industrial developments. The site is capable of housing several major corporations and would provide thousands of jobs to the area. When Commissioner Boyd joined TNECD in January, one of his first priorities was to land a major project at the Memphis Regional Megasite. The site was ready to pitch to prospects, there was just one small hurdle: it lacked the marketing materials it needed to showcase everything it has to offer.

But how do you effectively market 4,100 acres of prime industrial real estate? It’s no small feat, but TNECD was up for the challenge.

“There is nothing we love more than telling the stories of our state through our people,” said Justin Lane, TNECD Marketing Director. “The authenticity and spirit that you experience in West Tennessee really influenced our concept. From the video footage to the photography, every visual in our marketing materials reflects real people and companies in real settings.”

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