By: Commissioner Randy Boyd

Well, I am slightly annoyed. I had hoped for a lot of drama leading up to breaking last year’s job commitment record, but we accidentally blew by the mark! Last year we hit a historic high of 24,221 job commitments, but I am happy to report as of today we have a new Tennessee record: 24,262!!  I am so proud of our team at TNECD and all of our stakeholders across the state. We are Team Tennessee and we have just had our best year ever!

But, it’s not over! We are now 97.05% of the way to our goal we set at the beginning of the year of 25,000 jobs. Only 738 jobs away and we will be celebrating again.

While we count down the jobs and celebrate the numbers, we should know that in every case there are superstars who work tirelessly, oftentimes for a year or longer, to make each of these announcements happen. This past week’s announcements are no exception.

Last Wednesday, Sleep Solutions and Services (S3) announced plans to locate new call center operations in Columbia, creating 137 new jobs. S3 is a medical software and support company that employs web-based technology with live support to clients with respiratory medical conditions, such as sleep apnea. TNECD Regional Director Clay Banks was the lead on this project and says it was a great success story where we worked in partnership with the Maury Alliance and the city of Columbia to help an existing company. Staying in frequent contact with all parties throughout the yearlong consideration, Clay also connected S3 with TVA to ensure the company had every opportunity to find success with all development programs.

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