Robust suspension systems. Check.

Powerful motor packages. Check.

Tight turning radius capabilities. Check.

Enhanced steering performance. Check. 

Wider, longer stances allowing smooth travel both outdoors… and indoors. Check… and check.

No, this isn’t a car advertisement. It’s actually just a small peek at the many features offered by Permobil, a leader in the complex rehabilitation power wheelchairs industry. 

Permobil was founded in the early 1960s by Swedish doctor Per Uddén when he saw the limitations placed on his friend who used a power chair. Not only did the chair confine him to the indoors, it also performed very basic functions that significantly reduced what a person was able to do or where they could go. While Dr. Uddén worked on crafting a chair for his friend, what he didn’t realize was that he had tapped in on the need of a lot of other people, so he began working very closely with the Swedish government to come up with a funding system for those who were in need of a better functioning power chair.

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