We’ve all been there.

You’ve had one too many sleepless nights and decide it’s time for a new mattress. While walking around the showroom, you take inventory by visually sizing up each mattress, perhaps even touching a few, and then you approach a memory foam mattress. Without hesitation, you reach down and press your hand into the mattress in anticipation of seeing a hand-shaped indentation right where you just reached. And as you watch the image disappear, you find yourself already reaching back down to do it all over again.

The dedicated team at Sinomax knows this feeling all too well. In fact, they probably encourage it. Being in the business of sleep means making comfort a priority, and Sinomax is doing just that right in La Vergne.

Based in Hong Kong, Sinomax has been designing and manufacturing high quality memory foam products, including mattresses, mattress toppers and pillows, for over 15 years. The company’s products are sold at many retailers throughout the U.S. under various national and private label brands. Gov. Haslam and Commissioner Boyd even had a chance to tour their showroom while in Asia last month.

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