Arciplex is a company that fits right into the growing entrepreneurial scene in Nashville. This innovative company takes ideas from entrepreneurs and makes these ideas a reality. It sounds simple, but a lot of work goes into each product that is created there.

We took a look around their facility and could tell immediately that creative and innovative people work there. Inside the facility, you can see people busy at work creating new, inventive products.

Ariplex was starting in 2011 by Tom Haarlander and his father in Shinzig, China and has been located in Tennessee for over two years. The company has 11 employees that include engineers, designers and manufacturers. The company just announced plans to expand here in Nashville and will hire 35 new employees to keep up with the demand of its projects.

Haarlander is not a stranger to Nashville. He studied entrepreneurship at Belmont University and immediately fell in love with the city. After moving to China, Haarlander decided it was time to come back to Nashville. Nashville has the entrepreneurial spirit and the workforce that Arciplex needs to succeed.

“The culture and community that’s here, I love being a part of it and want to support this city as it grows,” Haarlander said.

Haarlander and the rest of the team members at Arciplex say that their favorite part about the job is working with the inventors themselves. Inventors and entrepreneurs from all over the world come to Arciplex to get their ideas made. Someone comes in with an idea, and then the designers, engineers and production teams collaborate to figure out how to make this idea a real product. It takes the whole team in order for the process to work and succeed.

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