Milt Capps at Venture Nashville has an informative blurb from his recent interview with Tennessee Economic and Community Development Commissioner Randy Boyd on the department’s ongoing efforts to improve the entrepreneurial environment in the state. 

In addition to the administration’s Angel Tax Credit legislation offered this session, Commissioner Boyd told the website that TNECD is still gathering and sorting ideas for a series of new policies to support entrepreneurship.

From Venture Nashville:

Boyd said his aim is to launch only initiatives that are so sensible that successors will find it makes good sense to continue them. He cited the Administration’s “Drive to 55” education “LEAP” labor-education alignment program as exemplary initiatives. While the Administration is supporting repurposing of some potential Hall Income Tax revenue to stimulate Angel investing, ultimately, said Boyd, “we don’t want to be a state that is an investor, [rather] a state that’s good for investors.”

Commissioner Boyd’s comments echo a policy theme the department began when the Angel Tax Credit was unveiled in January.

From The Tennessean:

“The idea is to create a win, win for our investors and our entrepreneurs,” Boyd said. “Obviously our entrepreneurs need to get more investment. Rather than the state be involved and oversee it, let’s let the angel investors across our state make their own choices and give them extra incentives to do so.”

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