Jamie Stitt

Assistant Commissioner, Business and Workforce Development

Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development
312 Rosa L. Parks Ave., Nashville, TN 37243
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Rubber, Ceramics & Glass

A legacy of excellence

Innovation. Location. Skill. Tennessee has all the tools you need for success in the rubber, ceramics & glass industry.

There’s a long history of manufacturers, both domestic and foreign, migrating to Tennessee for rubber, ceramics & glass production. We welcome you to join the legacy.

With our geographical advantage and access to natural resources, manufacturers in Tennessee have distinguished themselves from regional and national competitors in glass, rubber and ceramics industries. These manufacturers employ 16,400+ Tennesseans, ranking us 2nd in the nation for employment in the advanced materials industry. Combine location with our skilled and stable workforce and you’ll have a competitive advantage in Tennessee.

The automotive industry and rubber, ceramics & glass industries go hand-in-hand in Tennessee. The continued influx of automotive investment into our state bolsters glass and rubber production, generating substantial revenue. Major automotive manufacturing companies like Bridgestone and Hankook Tires are headquartered in Nashville and employ nearly 4,000 workers with the skills to manufacture approximately 6,000 tires per day. Our employees experience a fantastic quality of life, earning salaries that are higher than both the regional and national average for the tire manufacturing industry.

Giants in the ceramic tile industry such as Florim USA, Dal-Tile Corporation, Landmark Ceramics, Rainbow, Inc. and Smalticeram USA Inc. greatly benefit from the abundance of Tennessee’s natural resources and raw materials used in the ceramics and clay industry, such as plastic, feldspar and ball clay. In fact, we are the #1 state for ball clay mining; 90% of U.S. manufactured tile includes Tennessee ball clay. $158 million in ceramic products are exported annually from Tennessee.

Tennessee is the right place at the right time to manufacture rubber, ceramics and glass. An ideal location, skilled workforce and competitive wage mean a more efficient operation and increased revenues.

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